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mill·work [mil-wurk]


1. ready-made carpentry work from a mill.
2. work done in a mill.
3. profiled or finished woodwork, as moldings or lattices.

Heritage Woodworking Millwork

A large percentage of our work is in sub-contracted commercial millwork, requiring the latest innovations in materials and hardware. We have worked with many of the larger general contractors in the province on local projects such as the fire hall, Westman Labs, Affordable Housing and SuperStore and more.

We also create custom displays for retail. If you're looking to feature particular materials our custom built displays can add that extra wow factor.

cab·i·net [kab-uh-nit]


1. a piece of furniture with shelves, drawers, etc., for holding or displaying items: a curio cabinet; a file cabinet.
2. a wall cupboard used for storage, as of kitchen utensils or toilet articles: a kitchen cabinet; a medicine cabinet.
3. a piece of furniture containing a radio or television set, usually standing on the floor and often having a record player or a place for phonograph records.

Heritage Woodworking Cabinets

We will work with you for a final product to fit your needs using our industry experience. Our process is after you contact us, we'll come to you to do a free estimate. Upon agreement of layout and design we then construct in our shop using a variety of hardware and materials. After constructed we set-up a date for on site installation. All of our products and designs are created to the highest industry standards.

count·er·top [koun-ter-top]


1. a counter, as in a kitchen, especially when covered with a heat- and stain-resistant material.

Heritage Woodworking Countertops

We custom build our countertops using plastic laminate and solid surface materials. We also install flow form type countertops.